Is Your Child Being Bullied in New Jersey?

Bullying is a problem that affects millions of children and teens throughout the country. Because you aren’t always with your child, you might not realize how severe bullying can be. It’s important to become aware of the warning signs in order to be able to protect them from bullying.

bullying in new jersey

Here are the most common warning signs that a child is being bullied:

  • Cuts, bruises and scratches on the body. Bullying can be both verbal and physical. If any altercations turn physical, your child may end up with cuts, bruises and scratches.
  • Your child is afraid or hesitant to go to school. If your child seems scared to partake in normal school activities or is hesitant to go to school, they may be getting bullied.
  • There is a loss of interest in school work. One of the most common symptoms of bullying is a loss of interest in school work and a decrease in performance.

What Can I Do About Bullying?

Just because your child shows these symptoms doesn’t mean they are being bullied.

If you suspect that they might be getting bullied, it’s important to first talk to your child and ask them directly. In order to make sure they feel comfortable enough to open up about bullying, ask direct questions about whether there are children teasing them.

If your child admits to the bullying or refuses to talk about it, you can speak to the staff at your child’s school. Share your concerns about your child and ask a few staff members if they have noticed any bullying taking place. If the bullying persists, set up a meeting with the school guidance counselor or principal to discuss the issues.

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