Preventing Children’s Sports Injuries

Summer is a time for children to enjoy the weather and play sports. Even though sports and other activities are important for children to be involved in, it’s also important to make sure your children are safe while playing.

Luckily, there are steps parents can take to make sure their children stay safe this summer:

1. Buy the proper gearChildren Sports NJ

Children need to be in the proper equipment with the proper fit. Ask your child’s coach about the best helmet, shoes, athletic cups, and padding. All equipment should be approved by the organizations that govern each sport.

2. Keep an eye on the playing field or court

Tennis courts are known to have cracks and soccer and football fields can have dangerous divots that can cause your child to trip and get injured. If the field or court is questionable, mention it to whoever is in charge.

3. Watch the temperature

Parents and coaches need to pay close attention to the temperature to avoid heat exhaustion and other heat-related injuries.

4. Get regular check-ups

If your child is actively involved in sports, keep an eye on acute injuries and complaints to avoid the injuries becoming serious

5. Make sure your child is prepared for sports

It’s important to make sure your child is well-prepared to play the sport he/she is involved in. If they’re new to a certain sport, it might be best for them to practice with the team for a few weeks before competing in a game.

6. Take your child in for a physical

All sports teams should require your child to get physicals, but it they don’t, make sure you take your child in to get one. A physical can help identify pre-existing injuries before they become major problems.

Consult one of our physicians for more tips on preventing children’s sports injuries.

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