Our Teen Center

Our Teen Center
The teenage patient is unique and requires special attention, in addition to their annual well visits. The Pediatric Center offers a dedicated Teen Center to assist with sports physicals, acne and eczema management, asthma issues, ADHD/ADD (assessment, diagnosis and treatment), substance abuse and so much more. Our teenage patients are interested in talking about dating, social media, texting, peer pressure, drinking and driving, depression and many other topics unique to their age group.
The information our teenage patients share with us is often sensitive, and can seem even embarrassing at the time. We are prepared to talk about topics like “Teenage Confidentiality” and the teenagers’ right to privacy as well as emancipation and personal responsibility.
We encourage teens to be honest with us. It helps ensure that health concerns and questions are shared. Occasionally, we may discuss sensitive issues such as sexuality and drugs and, for the most part, we agree to keep these conversations private. We expect teens to ask questions that will ultimately keep them healthy and safe. Some of the topics we address include: Drug abuse, drinking and driving, body image, bullying, depression, sexual identity, HPV vaccine and personal struggles.
Our practitioners are well trained in these topics and can be an excellent support system. Being a teenager is challenging, especially with social media, social pressures and competitive environments. We can help. Please make an appointment with the office – even if it’s just to get the conversation started.

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