Looking For A New OBGYN?

Looking For A New OBGYN?

Chances are you already have an OBGYN of record. A board-certified OBGYN is obstetrics (childbirth) and gynecology (women’s health) under the same title. Maybe you are done with child-birthing years and are simply looking for a new gynecologist. Or, you are ok with your current OBGYN but are actively seeking a new one.


You develop an intimate relationship with your OBGYN over the years, not only with the physical exam, but with health screenings, family planning, birth control and important life decisions. So, it is important to ensure you have someone you are comfortable with that can help guide your throughout the many stages of life.


There are several factors you want to consider when choosing an OBGYN:

Comfort level

You should be able to have a comfortable rapport with your doctor that offers you the ability to discuss sensitive and intimate topics. The doctor should be able to put you at ease and allow a patient-doctor discussion that flows in both directions.


Interview several candidates

Do research and ask for referrals for a board-certified OBGYN that people love and trust. Conduct online research to read reviews and ratings, credentials, education and any negative experiences. Make a list of 3-4 OBGYNs you are interested in meeting and set up consultations with each potential doctor. Prepare a list of questions you’d like answers to including their experience, education, their approach to care, their on-site capabilities, specialties, hospital affiliations, etc.


Specific concerns

If you have specific concerns or conditions, you will likely want to choose an OBGYN with those specialties or experience with your health concerns. Many OBGYNs have subspecialties which range from infertility to cancer to pelvic floor disorders.  For specific concerns or potential procedures, ask the kinds of surgeries or procedures they perform and how many women they have helped with your specific issues. You may even want to ask about scenarios with complications and how they would be handled.


Ask your primary

Your primary doctor is often an excellent resource for specialty doctors like OBGYNs. They meet and interact with many other physicians and are familiar with reputations and success stories.


A good OBGYN will engage with you, listen and take your concerns seriously. Even though a doctor may have the credentials and experience, listen to your gut to determine your comfort level with your doctor.


The U.S. News & World Report Doctor Finder has detailed profiles for 113,977 obstetrician-gynecologists nationwide. Click here to view the list.

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