Welcome To Your New Reality

Welcome To Your New Reality

Are You Expecting?

If you are like most people you are terrified about bringing home a new baby! Welcome to reality.

Although you may have a million questions as an expecting parent, bringing home a new child is one of the most wonderful, exciting things on the planet!

The trepidation of being a new parent stems mostly from not being prepared for the wonderful change. Attending a newborn class can have an incredible impact on helping new parents transition into parenthood and becoming more comfortable with the new changes.

Newborn classes help:

  • Decrease  the fear of having a newborn
  • Clarify what’s normal for a new life (often very different than what one might expect)
  • Understand behaviors, breathing patterns, even bowel habits
  • Understand how/what /where/when to feed a newborn
  • Reduce anxiety and build confidence
  • Build a connection to the health care providers that are part of your child’s development

Topics include how to care for your newborn, understanding your baby’s anatomy and physiology, baby care and breastfeeding. The class prepares you with all the basics you need to know before heading home with your newborn.

These classes also provide a deeper understanding for the unique needs of your newborn including diapering, bathing and general care.

Specifics include:

  • Safe sleep tips
  • How to swaddle
  • Diapering tutorials
  • How to dress your child
  • Bathing techniques and safety
  • Infant nutrition & feeding support
  • How to interpret crying and what to do
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  • The expected behaviors and guidelines for newborns and when to call a doctor
  • How to promote developmental skills
  • Behavioral questions
  • Basic car seat safety

At The Pediatric Center, we offer a hands-on free prenatal class every month. Our classes are taught by experienced  practitioners and trained lactation experts and will teach you all of the basic baby care you need before heading home with your newborn. Classes are recommended for moms-to-be and their significant other. You will also leave the class with a goodie bag of newborn supplies.

You have a million questions as an expecting parent and we provide a safe and supportive environment to help you prepare and get comfortable before the big transition.

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