The Best Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Fitness Classes

The Best Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Fitness Classes

With about 3.9 million babies born each year, the number of women participating in activities to optimize their health are on the rise. Pre-natal classes and post-natal classes have become a very popular to prepare for a newborn’s arrival and offer an outlet post-birth.  These classes can include physical activity, stress coping mechanisms and breathing techniques. We have narrowed down the top 5 pre-natal and post-natal classes that will help you keep you healthy pre and post birth.


  1. Pilates Pre-Natal Classes

 The benefits of Pilates are limitless.  Practicing Pilates a few times a week as your prenatal workout, will give your body strong core muscles, release healthy endorphin’s, offer beneficial breathing techniques and reduce stress. There is another added benefit of Pilates, it will help improve your posture and develop a strong back to lift your baby and perform daily tasks. These type of prenatal classes will ensure that you are physically ready for a healthy birth and delivery. Pilates is for both beginners and the more advanced. Options include one-on-one instruction and group settings to help develop the best exercise plan for you. As long as the studio is equipped with professionals with pre-natal experience, you are in good hands.


  1. Lamaze Technique

Lamaze is another pre-natal class, often taught to new moms and dads, that helps with birthing preparation and breathing techniques. Breathing techniques include deep breathes in and out through the nose to ease pain during contractions. Working as a team, you and your significant other will learn ways to reduce your anxiety on the day of your delivery.

Some Lamaze techniques include:

  • walking
  • stretching
  • massage to ease the pain associated with childbirth.


  1. Yoga Classes

Pre-natal classes like Yoga are a great pre and post-natal low-impact exercise to build strength before and after childbirth. Yoga, a practice applied world-wide, is proven to aid in anxiety reduction, flexibility and back pain through simple moves, stretches and breathing and also learn to decrease your lower back pain. There are several poses specific to pregnancy that can take a lot of pressure off of your back.

  1. Stretch and Relax Post-Natal Classes

Post-natal classes are a great opportunity for you to take time for yourself away from the many new demands of motherhood. Giving yourself a break is essential to self-care and will give you the opportunity to meet other new moms while healing your body. The birth process can be a slow recovery that takes months to heal. Small steps in your exercise plan will ease you into a routine and get your body back to pre-birth state. Stretch and relaxation classes are a prefect option to building strength and incorporating exercise into your daily routine

  1. Mom & Baby Post-Natal Classes

What better way to get in daily exercise than including your newborn in the process? Sleepless nights, lack of energy and a demanding schedule can put a toll on your body. If you are not yet ready to separate from your baby, include them in your exercise routine. Mom & Baby classes include play and exercise while bonding with your baby to improve your strength and core muscles. .

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