Safe and Effective Baby Teething Remedies

Safe and Effective Baby Teething Remedies

Let’s face it. Teething is uncomfortable and exhausting for both babies and parents alike. But, like your yearly physical or your car’s oil change — it’s a necessary part of life. No matter how much you yearn for a full night’s slumber. Teething can occur at any time in the first year of your baby’s life. But, it usually begins between 4-6 months of age. If you’re a new parent, you might be overwhelmed when you find your baby a cranky, drooling, hot mess. Keep reading to learn effective teething remedies that are sure to help!

Natural Remedies

Natural or non-toxic items and lifestyles are all the rage. And for good reason. It’s certainly challenging for you when you stumble bleary-eyed into your baby’s room at 4:00 am. But imagine the anguish your baby’s feeling. It’s not an easy time for anyone involved. Do you suspect your baby is experiencing teething? The signs of teething are undeniable. Is your baby drooling, chomping, and restless? Chances are, they’re cutting their first teeth. There are countless natural teething remedies that may be of help to soothe your baby.

Natural Remedies to Try:

  • Amber teething necklaces
  • Teething toys
  • Chamomile ice cubes
  • Chamomile Tincture
  • Homeopathic remedies

Every baby’s response will vary to the different teething remedies. If one remedy doesn’t work, don’t give up. There are endless options. You’ve got this!


Cold: a remedy for teething and pain as old as time. When you were a child, what was the first thing your mother did when you injured yourself? Right, she reached for ice. Your baby has red, inflamed, and irritated gums and is begging for relief. With their insistent cries, anything cold will be your baby’s savior at this point.

Cold Teething Remedies:

  • Frozen washcloth
  • Cold spoon
  • Frozen fruits in mesh feeder
  • Ice cubes
  • Breastmilk ice cubes

These are all excellent options. But you’ll want to ensure you offer age-appropriate options. If your baby is eating solids, you can offer fruit or frozen food in a mesh feeder. If your baby is too young, you can attempt a frozen washcloth to chomp on or other options that don’t involve food. You can get as creative as you want. The cold will relieve the agony they’re experiencing. Your baby and their tender gums will thank you.

All Kinds of Pressure

One of the biggest telltale signs of teething is when they begin to chew on everything and anything. Let them! Allowing your baby to chomp will put pressure on their sore gums and teeth, providing comfort. Chewing on items may also allow for the tooth to cut through faster.

Teething Remedies Involving Pressure:

  • Gum massage
  • Combination of cold and pressure
  • Teething toys
  • Let them chew on your clean fingers
  • Teething jewelry for mom

Letting your little one chew on fingers, toys, and cold items can be the best relief you can offer. You don’t even need to spend a dime to get relief during this discomforting time. As long as the object is clean and safe, let them go to town on it! Pressure on their tender, sore gums helps them more than you know.

Creams or Medicine for Teething Remedies

If your baby isn’t responding to any of the other remedies, it’s time to check out medicinal options. This’ll mean they’re still in enormous pain, and you need to take the next step. Sometimes a combination of natural remedies and medicine is required in severe cases. Every child varies, and when it comes to how they react to teething it’s no different. There are various options on the market to soothe your baby’s pain and discomfort.

Medicine or Creams for Teething:

  1. Topical cream
  2. Teething Gels for babies
  3. Pain relief medicine

Homeopathic teething remedies used to be widely used in the US. Then in 2016, the FDA started warning parents to not use these products anymore. Namely, Hyland’s teething products. Since then Hyland’s has discontinued their teething products. And parents are being warned in many news reports and studies. You should be careful when purchasing teething products with Belladonna in it. Belladonna is the ingredient in homeopathic teething remedies that can be dangerous. Belladonna is a deadly plant. Used in history for many medicinal purposes, according to Medical News Today. There are safer and more effective alternatives in the way of gels and topical creams. If you opt for a teething gel, ensure it doesn’t have benzocaine in it. If your child is under 2-years old. They do have baby versions as well. Opt for ibuprofen or acetaminophen. The same type you’d use if your baby had a fever are generally the go-to medicine for harsh teething pain. And a safe way for both you and your bundle of joy to get some shut-eye.


Breastfeeding is not something you’d think of for a teething remedy. After all, the last thing you want is for your baby to be gnawing down on you while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is for soothing and calming your baby. It’s not an actual remedy for teething. But it can be a powerful tool to calm your baby when nothing else seems to work. But, babies all differ. You might find your baby wants nothing to do with breastfeeding during this time. On the other hand, they may want to increase their feedings. Go with it.


Final Thoughts on Teething Remedies

The dreaded days of teething can take a toll on the whole family. Especially the lack of sleep. It affects everybody. Regardless, establishing a good sleep routine is essential. This may not be easy if your baby is in constant pain. But, it’s crucial so teething doesn’t disturb their sleep patterns later on. Sometimes babies will cut all their teeth and they won’t feel an ounce of pain. But usually, it’s quite the opposite. And the pain is relentless and nagging. Some of the natural remedies may be perfect for daytime. While topical creams and pain medicine would be better suited for nighttime.

Do you have any questions about teething remedies? If you need help during this challenging time, contact us.


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