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At The Pediatric Center, our board certified pediatricians and nurse practitioners are committed to serving the healthcare needs of your children. Located in New Providence, New Jersey, The Pediatric Center offers comprehensive pediatric and adolescent care for children from birth to young adult. We always accept new patients!

Our Care

For years The Pediatric Center has been caring for children throughout northeast New Jersey including most of the towns in Union and Morris County such as New Providence, Chatham, Madison, Short Hills, Summit, Berkeley Heights, Basking Ridge, Stirling and many more. Our large, state-of-the-art pediatric office offers many on-site benefits including child immunizations, a full-service lab and free prenatal classes.

If you are a new patient please visit our new patients page or you can request an appointment below.

Instructional Videos

Teaching Your Newborn To Sleep

Dr. Steven Moskowitz speaks about one of the most common topics of newborns, infants and toddlers, and that’s the common challenge of sleep.

The approach to sleep differs with different age groups. First, we’ll talk a little bit about the very young child.
I happen to be a big believer in sleep myself, I enjoy that immensely and I feel that it’s an important thing for parents
to understand and to help their children with as well. For one thing, to sleep is instinctual but how you fall asleep is
learned behavior. We can teach a child to fall asleep being rocked, being fed, being driven around the corner or watching TV.
It’s really important and lots of scientific research has shown that the best way for a child to fall asleep is by
themselves. Read More

Latest News

Is It Flu Or Is It Covid 19?

Is It Flu Or Is It Covid 19?

Flu season always created a sense of fear and caution, wanting to protect your child from contracting the illness. When you put Covid-19 into the mix, it causes even greater concern – and even some confusion. Note, it is safe to have your child get a flu shot if they have had the Covid-19 vaccine. […]

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Baby’s First Bath: 3 Common Questions And Answers

Baby’s First Bath: 3 Common Questions And Answers

After you have a new baby, there are a lot of firsts – first feeding, first outing, first haircut. While many of these firsts are exciting, if this is your first baby, some of them can be very scary, too. And one of the firsts you may be more nervous about is giving your baby […]

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Vitamin D for Babies – What’s the best way to make sure my baby is getting enough Vitamin D?

Vitamin D for Babies – What’s the best way to make sure my baby is getting enough Vitamin D?

There’s a common misconception among new parents that breast milk provides all the nutrients growing infants need. But when it comes to vitamin D for babies, breast milk isn’t enough. Supplementing vitamin D is critical for growing newborns. Without a sufficient daily dose of this vital nutrient, babies can experience negative health effects in the short and […]

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      Our pediatricians have consistently been voted NJ's favorite kids' docsTM from New Jersey Family, received multiple Patients Choice Awards and have been recognized as "NJ Top Doctors" by NJ Top Docs. Dr. Moskowitz was the most nominated kids' doctor in Union County for 2015.

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